Removable Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures are dental prosthetics designed to replace multiple missing teeth when some natural teeth still remain in the mouth. They are an effective solution for individuals who have lost only one tooth or multiple teeth (not all the teeth) but do not require full dentures. Removable partial dentures consist of a metal or acrylic framework that supports the artificial teeth, allowing them to blend seamlessly with the remaining natural teeth.

Removable Partial Dentures In Toronto

There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy smile. That is why our team at Beach Denture Clinic will do everything we can to ensure your teeth are at their healthiest. Every recommendation we make for you will be one that takes your overall health and well-being into consideration.

We strive to deliver exceptional results for a smile that lasts a lifetime.

Advantages Of Removable Partial Dentures

Here are some key features and benefits of removable partial dentures:


Removable partial dentures are custom-made to fit the unique contours of an individual’s mouth. At Beach Denture Clinic Toronto, we will take impressions and measurements of your denture to ensure a precise fit and optimal comfort.

Artificial Teeth

The partial denture is constructed with artificial teeth that closely resemble natural teeth in shape, size, and color. This creates a natural-looking appearance and restores a confident smile.


The framework of removable partial dentures is typically made of metal or acrylic material. Metal frameworks are strong and durable, while acrylic frameworks provide flexibility and lighter weight.

Support From Natural Teeth

Removable partial dentures rely on the remaining natural teeth for support and stability. Clasps or connectors on the denture are designed to attach to the adjacent natural teeth, holding the partial denture securely in place.

Improved Chewing And Speaking

By replacing missing teeth, removable partial dentures restore proper chewing function, allowing individuals to enjoy a wider variety of foods. They also help in speech clarity, especially when missing front teeth are replaced.

Preserving Oral Health

Partial dentures help prevent the remaining natural teeth from shifting or drifting into the spaces left by missing teeth. This helps maintain proper alignment and prevents potential dental issues caused by tooth movement.


Removable partial dentures can be easily taken out for cleaning, maintenance, or when desired. This makes it convenient to keep the dentures clean and maintain good oral hygiene.

Cost-Effective Solution

Compared to other tooth replacement options like dental implants or fixed bridges, removable partial dentures are generally more cost-effective. They provide a more affordable alternative for individuals with multiple missing teeth.

How To Take Care Of Your Removable Partial Dentures

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of removable partial dentures, proper care and maintenance is essential. 

Proper care and maintenance are essential for the longevity and functionality of removable partial dentures.
They should be cleaned regularly using denture-specific cleaning products and handled with care to avoid damage.
Regular dental check-ups are also important to ensure proper fit, oral health, and to make any necessary adjustments to the denture.

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